La Laiterie


Among the three restaurants that Altapura has, La Laiterie offers the most typical dishes of the skiers and the region.

At the Dairy, fondues and raclettes are delicacies that can be enjoyed like a good wine. Here, the cow is queen, the wood is light and the white tiled credenzas typical of the fruit fields of yesteryear. A universe revisited in the design and contemporary spirit of the hotel where large milk cans decorate the portraits of cows and the famous tag created by the street artist Wozdat.

It is the meeting of a chef and a sommelier with the most renowned master cheese maker of the region that has resulted in an exclusive fondue and raclettes menu. The work of gastronomic creation carried out gives pride of place to the diversity and richness of the terroirs. Frédéric Royer, master cheesemaker and ripener at the Boujon cheese dairy in Thonon-les-Bains, practises his trade like an oenologist. He has a keen eye for quality and selects the cheeses from the mountain pastures and surrounding valleys in a very precise manner. Textures, aromas, balance... nothing is left to chance. The combination of two cheeses from the same terroir with a wine from the same origins offers a fondue characteristic of a region, a unique and tasty taste. Often, the choice is made for a young, balanced cheese with a supple, melting paste that will be associated with a longer-maturing cheese offering rich aromas and a more pronounced taste.


Here, cheeses and wines are tasted before cooking, to allow gourmets to become aware of the richness of this product and to detect its flavours before and after melting. The secret of a good fondue: the temperature! It is a fundamental element for its success. Cheese should never be boiled, it should melt gently at a temperature below 80⁰C. Fondues have their variations: with porcini mushrooms or truffles or with Champagne for the most extravagant versions, creations of La La Laiterie, always as tasty!


...with raclette, a speciality that also features mountain cheese. There are two versions of this cheese: the Classic, gourmet and creamy, is, as its name suggests, faithful to the original raclette. Lovers of cheeses with a more pronounced taste will not hesitate to try the Raclette smoked with beech wood and juniper, with the stronger character and flavour characteristic of smoked cheeses.